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Amazingly Interesting Reishi Mushroom Facts

The medicinal value of mushrooms has long been recognized by many cultures for thousands of years. And even to this day, modern scientists are continuously discovering the fascinating healing properties of the fungi.

But unbeknownst to many, there’s still more to reishi essence than the continuous research on cancer fighting properties and giving numerous health benefits to the body. And so we recommend that you continue reading as we are going to share some amazingly interesting reishi mushroom facts that you might not have heard of in today’s entry.

The Different Names All Point To One Meaning: Longevity

Experts in the scientific community would all agree that the scientific name of reishi mushroom is Ganoderma Lucidum, but the other popular term for this type of mushroom is “Lingzhi” which was derived from the 2 Chinese words ‘Ling’ (divine) and ‘Zhi’ (plant of longevity).

The use of Lingzhi became very popular in ancient China because it contributed to long life and it also boosts the immune system.

On the other hand, the Japanese name for reishi mushroom is “Mannetake” which means ’10,000 years mushrooms while the Korean name is “YeongJi” which can also be translated as ‘divine fungus’.

If we try to analyze the different meanings of each name, they all point to one truth. And that is the undeniable power of reishi mushroom in extending our lifespan.

The Use Of Reishi Mushroom Has Its Roots In The Han Dynasty

Shen Nong

Most of us have recently known the medicinal benefits of reishi mushroom, but the use of this herb can be traced back to 2000 years ago at the Han dynasty in China. It was so highly prized by royalties as it was believed to grant them enhanced health and eternal youth.

Eventually, Shen Nong, the fabled herbalist-emperor compiled a book called “Herbal Pharmacopoeia” where he documented 365 herbs and plants and were categorized as superior, average, and fair.

Of all the species of plants in his book, the reishi mushroom was ranked as the highest. It even surpassed ginseng in terms of its superiority in medicinal benefits.

The Best Way Of Consuming Reishi Mushrooms

We all know that reishi mushrooms can be taken as tablets, in tea form, or as mushroom extract. In fact, these are the most interesting reishi mushroom facts that you can see online nowadays. But according to an expert, the ideal way of consuming reishi mushrooms is by making soup out of it as almost everyone is familiar with tonic soups and mushroom soups that even the pickiest eaters will not be able to resist eating it.

The process of making soup out of reishi is essentially the same concept as a hot water extraction without the drying process. As slices of reishi are boiled, they slowly release the important health elements into the broth. Making a dish out of Reishi is not something we all have the interest of time for. The next best way to consume Reishi is from hot water extracted capsules form..

Final Word

If you’re looking to receive the medicinal benefits of reishi essence after learning the interesting reishi mushroom facts above, then check out high-quality products today. Contact us today for more information.

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