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Nissan Reishi

Nissan Reishi


  • Origin: Japan 

  • Quantity: 100 tablets - 2 tablets per packet 

  • Concentration: 60mg per tablet - dry equivalent to 0.75 g of fruit body mushrooms per tablet 

  • Ingredients: Organic Red Reishi Extract + fillers and binders 

  • Polysaccharide content: 10.1% 

  • Certifications: Endorsed by the Japan Reishi Association

Nissan Reishi 


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Nissan Reishi Description

This is the authentic Nissan Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi tablets with proprietary laser trademark in front and back of the wrapped package. Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd., the pioneer of Japanese chemical industry, was established in 1887. In the early seventies, in addition to the existing products, Nissan Chemical undertook an intensive research program in the cultivation of Red Reishi because of its potentially high medical value. After endless stream of hard work and dedication, as well as sufficient funding, Nissan's researchers finally developed the cultivation method that is worthy of the commitment in the production of this excellent marketable product. Firstly, the process for cultivation of Red Reishi involves grafting the superior fungi onto aged dried wood of Japanese oak which are then placed in green houses under strict controlled environmental conditions. It is watched carefully by research growers over its cultivation period. This method of cultivation is far more complex and time consuming than the other method, which is, in bottles of wood pulp. 

Reishi growing on tree trunk
Reishi and other herbs

Reishi is a rare "Superior Herb" with incredible medicinal value. Through years of research in Japan, it is proven that the tea-colored Reishi has great healing value, and the red-colored has the highest medicinal value. Furthermore, it is proven that in order to cultivate top quality Reishi plant, one must use mother fungi, which has the most potent medicinal value, combined with the method that is most similar with its natural growing environment. 

Reishi and capsules
Red reishi on a plate


For preventive purposes, please take 1 or 2 packs (2 tablets per pack) once daily.
For individuals with health problems, please take 2 to 4 packs twice daily.  

Storage Instructions:
Nissan Reishi should be stored in a cool dry place. 

Side Effects:
There may be rare minor side effects due to the consumption of reishi. If you are allergic to mushroom in general, avoid taking reishi. To find out more, please access our FAQ section.

Our Opinion: 

Nissan red reishi is one of the most mature product on the market. Nissan was one of the pioneers in advanced cultivation and commercialization of Ganoderma red reishi supplements. It has excellent quality and is more well-known in Japan and Asia. Many researches were performed using Nissan red reishi extracts. We see a dedicated group of consumers preferring Nissan reishi over other brands. The negative about Nissan is the extreme high cost and lower than expected polysaccharides content. We give Nissan a 3 star rating.
Is this reishi the right one for me? If you are new to red reishi, please access our FAQ page as well as our products comparison chart to help you make an informed purchase decision. 



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