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GanoPrime Reishi

Uncompromised quality, GanoPrime Reishi is the highest standard Reishi product in the market



  • Made in: USA 

  • Methods: Fruit Body of Red Reishi and hot water extracted 

  • Quantity: 90 Capsules 

  • Concentration: 500mg per capsule - 15:1 extract, dry equivalent to 6g. of fruit body reishi per capsule 

  • Ingredients: Organic Red Reishi Extract 

  • Capsule: Vegeterian 

  • Polysaccharides: 30% - 150mg.+/capsule 

  • Triterpenes: 2% - 15mg./capsule

  • Expiration Date: 3 years from MFG date.

GanoPrime Reishi


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GanoPrime Reishi Description

GanoPrime red Reishi is derived from 100% mature fully grown red reishi

GanoPrime reishi is sourced from mature Ganoderma Lucidum red reishi grown on natural high-grade oak and pine wood log, then processed through a traditional triple hot water extraction method. This approach ensures that the result is a pure water soluble essence of Ganoderma Lucidum. It follows a vaccum-drying step to become a powdery form ready for the encapsulating process. Each capsule comes in 500 milligrams containing a total of 30+% Polysaccharides, the most important complex carbohydrate of red reishi, equaling to a whopping 175 mg. of Polysaccharides concentration in each capsule. 

It also includes 2-3% Triterpene from alcohol extraction which translates to a 15mg. concentration in each capsule. These 90 capsules per bottle give you a total of 45,000mg. or 45 grams of pure red reishi essence extract! GanoPrime is one of the best and most potent reishi on the market with substantially high level of essential active bio-elements at an unbeatable price.

GanoPrime in Capsules of 500mg. each


For preventive purposes, take 1 - 3 capsules daily.
For individuals with health issues, take 3 - 6 capsules twice daily. 

Storage Instructions:
Store GanoPrime in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight or high humidity area. 

Side Effects:
There may be rare minor side effects due to the consumption of reishi. If you are allergic to mushroom in general, avoid taking reishi. To find out more, please access our FAQ section.

Our Opinion: 

Due to high demands for top quality red reishi at an affordable price, GanoPrime has become the flagship in the industry. The manufacturing process is cGMP and FDA certified, unparalleled quality in the nutraceutical industry. Extensive testing on each production batch exceeds the FDA dietary supplement guidelines. Many other Ganoderma products offer anywhere from 10% to 15% polysaccharide level within a 250 to 400 mg. capsule, whereas GanoPrime offers 30%+ polysaccharides in 500mg. capsules without excipients.  GanoPrime is well suited for anyone that has chronic health issues or individuals asking for a great supplement to maintain their optimal health. We give GanoPrime a 5 star rating. Is this reishi the right one for me? If you are new to red reishi, please access our Reishi FAQ page as well as our Reishi products comparison chart to help you make an informed purchase decision.

No fillers and no by-products in each capsule, GanoPrime reishi is one of a kind honest Reishi product in the market
Nothing compares to GanoPrime Reishi in the market with 100% extracted reishi without fillers or by-products

We use USPS or UPS shipping with tracking information for orders within the United States. We have a flat shipping rate of $3.99 for as many GanoPrime and ProFormula as you want to order.
Please see our FAQs section for additional shipping information in regards to insurance and liabilities. 

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