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All about Reishi: You Ask, We Answer - Part 1

Your Reishi questions answered

In this series, we would like to share the most significant questions from our customers and the answers we provided.

1. What is the recommended dosage?

Reishi recommended dosage

This is the ten thousand dollar question. The short answer is it depends. Like other supplements and even prescription medication, the dosage varies based on the diagnosis, the purpose and the individual.

We usually recommend healthy users to take 2 to 3 capsules a day to maintain an optimal health level. However, if you are dealing with ailments, this is where it gets complicated. There is no single dosage for all. We have been recommending our customers to start with 4 capsules a day to make sure your organism tolerates it well. We then suggest increasing 1 capsule every week until you reach the optimal dosage for yourself.

Remember, each of us is unique. How would you know YOUR optimal dosage with this method? Well, you need to assess on a weekly basis how much improvement you are getting from that additional daily capsule. If you are not feeling better than the previous week, your optimal dosage is probably the one from the previous week.

We have heard many customers dealing with very serious illnesses such as cancer and can take up to 8 to 10 capsules a day. This is actually not that surprising due to the fact that most of the research trials are based on 3 to 4 grams of reishi extract (ref: Pro Formula and GanoPrime Reishi contain 90 500mg. reishi extract capsules, so if you do the math, 8 x 500mg. capsules is equal to 4 grams total.

If you have difficulty evaluating your proper dosage, 4 to 6 capsules daily is a good average when you are trying to use it to deal with an illness. Lastly, we recommend you take the capsules first thing in the morning, after lunch and early evening to avoid possible insomnia due to the boost of energy effect Reishi has shortly after you take it.

2. Are there different ways to consume your Reishi products?

Yes, but the content is very bitter to the taste due to the triterpenes. The simplest way to consume our reishi products is to take the capsules with an 8 oz. glass of water. With the exception of Nissan Reishi, you can, however, open the capsules and pour the extract into juice, tea or coffee of your choice. Make sure you stir and mix the resulting drink well. If you use water, be ready to drink something very bitter.

We also heard customers open the capsules and mix it with their cooking or food. We don’t suggest this method as the extract will get diluted and leave a lot behind. However, if the capsules are too big and the user cannot stand the bitterness, this mixing with food solution may be the last available one.

3. How long should I take Reishi to determine its effectiveness?

Many customers have been asking this question and the answers vary upon the ability for your metabolism to effectively process Reishi. There are a variety of factors that affect how fast Reishi would start working.

For a few, you may feel subtle side effects when you are first introduced to

Duration of effectiveness consuming Reishi

Reishi. These side effects usually go away rather quickly. If they don’t and they are significant, stop taking the reishi supplement for a few days until the symptoms subside and try again. If you feel the side effects again, you could be the few in the world that are allergic to Reishi.

For most of us, you should start feeling its effect within a couple of weeks taking it, granted you are perhaps still trying to determine your optimal dosage as discussed above. Based on customer’s feedback, they feel the full potential of Reishi around the end of the second month. Beside from using Reishi for your specific reason (i.e: illness, chronic and acute issues) some of the additional benefits reported are increase energy and stamina, more alert, better sleep patterns.

4. Why is your Reishi superior than other brands?

Reishi Essence was established when our founder set a goal to promote the benefits and the availability of Reishi here in the United States through his own personal experience using the herbal supplement. At that time, there were only a few suppliers and the Japanese brands were dominating the market.

Reasons to be best Reishi on the market

Since 2006, Reishi Essence has been dedicated to providing

the best Reishi products at the lowest possible cost. Many Reishi supplement vendors come and go through the years, but Reishi Essence has established long-term trust with many of our customers. Our loyal customers spread the word and new customers come to us for their Reishi needs. We don’t do many advertising nor marketing and mainly rely on our good reputation and high quality products to speak for themselves.

Quality does not come cheap and we do not claim our products are the cheapest ones on the market, but would you trust the cheapest Reishi to enhance your well-being? If you set a goal to start feeling better, you ought to buy a supplement that has the best chance to meet your goal. It’s almost an “all or nothing” because low quality Reishi will probably not make a difference. We continuously cut down costs and our profit margins to make quality products affordable to most users so they can enjoy the benefits from this incredible supplement.

Granted the Japanese Reishi are quite expensive due to their reputations and superior quality, however, Pro Formula and GanoPrime were created to achieve the same quality at a lower cost. These 2 products don’t have any fillers in the capsules so you are getting your money worth of high quality pure Reishi extracts and spores. Many other products in the market either have fillers or other ingredients unrelated to Reishi. Our extraction method has remained the same throughout the years because it is the best way to consume Reishi. We use a 15 to 1 Reishi ratio and triple hot water extraction. This is how Reishi has been consumed for centuries and it still remains the most effective way. Other supplements in the market claim using fancy unproven methods as a marketing ploy to attract consumer’s attention. It may well be possible that these would not be around in the next few years, very much like past attempts to produce Reishi supplement differently.

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