All about Reishi: You Ask, We Answer - Part 2

May 24, 2018


This is another edition of answering the most significant questions that were asked by our customers.


Can I take Reishi when I am taking other medications? 


Based on customers feedback, Reishi has not been known to interfere with other medications. There are few articles out there warning consumers of potential interference.People with immune disorders, cancers and cardiovascular disease should be more careful in consuming Reishi as indicated in some anecdotal statement.Let’s take a look at each of these conditions:

  1. As Reishi is an immunity booster, in theory, it may interfere with medications that are meant to slow down your overacting immune system.  In a few reported cases from our customers with the Lupus disease, taking reishi actually enhances their overall well being.  The assumption here is that Reishi helps to modulate the immune functions rather than interfere with the medications.


  2. With the traditional treatments for cancer through chemotherapy and

    radiation/proton, consuming Reishi may affect the effectiveness through the course of these treatments.  This is a heavily debated subject as both Reishi and Western medicine are meant to fight this disease.  Many indicated that the combination of both of them may be the best recourse.  Of course, you should discuss with your physician on the best approach for you.


  3. Some research indicates that Reishi may interfere with medications that impair blood clotting due to cardiovascular diseases.  Polysaccharides are the elements that benefits the heart by increasing the circulation of the actual myocardium (the innermost muscle of the heart).  Although the goal of both of these treatments are similar, there may be a risk that they may impede on each other.

Besides using reishi for optimizing your health, you should always discuss with your physician on the option to take to assist in improving any health issues.


Why are the Japanese Reishi much more expensive?


Reishi from China & Japan has been on the market much earlier than any other brands today.  Japan is known to produce excellent quality Reishi

and their reputation precedes them everywhere in the world.  They have been cultivating and processing the red Reishi the traditional way and have not changed their methods in years.  This approach requires labor intensive effort which automatically adds to the cost of producing the high quality Reishi.  Additionally, the low value of the Yen (the currency in Japan) versus U.S Dollars and the export/import taxes and costs all add to the significant increase in final cost to the consumers. 


For those who would not sacrifice quality at any cost, Japanese reishi is an excellent choice.  For those that are more sensitive to their budget, USA made ProFormula and GanoPrime follow the same processes and production quality at half of the cost.  The reason for the lower cost is due to the avoidance of any additional tariffs indicated earlier that the Japanese reishi will incur in order to be sold here in the U.S.


Our featured customer feedback:


As a secondary school English teacher, long nights and constant stress are a given part of my everyday experience. I have always been interested in alternative forms of medicine, especially TCM ( traditional Chinese medicine) and as a result, I have experimented with various herbal remedies and tinctures. For a long time, Ginseng was a great partner of mine for helping to deal with stress and giving boosts in energy. About two years, ago, I decided to start trying a Ganoderma product called Mikei Red Reishi Mushroom Capsules. It took some time before I began to feel any effects – about a month or so in fact – but with a little patience, the payoff was terrific.


I began sleeping better, dealing with stress better and had a constant and uplifting euphoric state of mind, as long as I kept up my regiment. I then switched to the GanoPrime product found on this site to see how it fared. As I am the Duke of nowhere and know the Duchess of no particular place, the price of Mikei was draining my pockets with swift zeal. I have found that GanoPrime is an affordable and extremely effective product and will continue to use it, and recommend it to anyone interested in good mental health, healthy boosts in energy and the acquisition of longevity – perhaps even immorality? Long live the Reishi and thank goodness for GanoPrime. 


Remember to always take your Reishi with the accompaniment of Vitamin C, as this helps with the absorption of various polysaccharides found within the Reishi. I like to take my Reishi, wait 5 minutes and then have a shot of fresh lime juice washed down with water... lovely stuff.










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All about Reishi: You Ask, We Answer - Part 2

May 24, 2018

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