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Mature red reishi in basket

Reishi Essence, Home of Quality Organic Reishi Mushroom Products

Reishi Essence has been in business for over a decade serving our new and loyal customers.  Many Reishi vendors have come and gone, and new ones pop up every day.  Only a few can match our experience by focusing on Reishi exclusively.  


We recognized you have many choices, but we have been setting ourselves apart from the crowd since the beginning with superior quality products.  We recognize you are making an investment for better health and we want to make sure you get the best value for it.  
Reishi Essence does not cut corners on quality or costs of raw materials and manufacturing.  You may find our products a little more expensive than others, but there are good reasons. 

Reishi Essence Highest quality Red Reishi Used in Pro Formula and GanoPrime

Reishi Essence uses 100% authentic Red Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum

Not all Reishi are created equal:

  • An authentic Reishi consists of 3 main parts; The fruiting body or Cap, the Stem, and the roots also called Mycelium.

  • For a superior quality extract, we exclusively use the fruit body of the red Reishi.  For thousands of years in Asia and recent scientific research have proven that fruiting body of red Reishi contains the most medicinal values.  

Reish Anatomy

Other Types of Reishi

Other varieties and types of Reishi

Mycelium based Reishi

Mycelium and Full Spectrum Reishi
  • The Ganoderma family of mushroom has several varieties and close cousins.  Only Ganoderma Lucidum is the authentic red Reishi among them all.  Many products on the market use other varieties of reishi to make a lower cost product.  It may look appealing to see a low cost reishi and be tempted to buy, but realize that the benefits you are seeking may not be substantiated.  The word Reishi and Ganoderma Lucidum is also being used very loosely on the market.  Anything that is somewhat related to red Reishi is labeled as such (i.e: Full Spectrum, Mycelium, Deer horn shaped, etc..).  

  • Full Spectrum Reishi uses a different variety that is usually grown in beakers.  The bleak half grown fungi is processed in its entirely including the substrate, the Mycelium, the stem and a unique fruiting body. 

  • A Mycelium derived Reishi product is essentially the root system of a variety of fungi.  It does not grow to anything but a complex network of roots.  

Honest manufacturing and packaging process:


  • Reishi Essence uses the traditional triple hot water extraction which yields a high percentage of concentration.  We use 15g. of reishi to make 1g. of finished extract in powder.

  • Fillers and byproducts are often used in manufacturing the final reishi capsules.  From starch (a.k.a Dextrin) to chemical compounds (i.e: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate), they help facilitate the final powder form to be more fluid to be easily encapsulated.  This process results in the final product containing a substantial percentage of the fillers in each capsule.  

  • Reishi Essence does not use fillers nor byproducts, even if it means a harder encapsulation process resulting in significant wasted extract powder.   By only using higher quality vegetarian based capsules, a 500mg. capsule of reishi means 500mg. of reishi and nothing else.

Buy the highest quality on the market:

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality Reishi at the lowest price possible.   We truly believe in the benefits of this wonderful natural product, so join us in this journey for better health and make the right choice.

How to Select the Best Quality Organic Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) for You

Since 2006, Reishi Essence has delivered top quality reishi products and has generated many happy and returning customers.  Our approach has remained the same in the type of reishi we offer.  We believe in "keep it simple and pure, no added or modified ingredients, and natural".

As you plan to make a smart investment for better health, we put together some guidelines to assist you in choosing the right reishi products. When shopping for a reishi supplement, we recommend that you consider the following points:

1.  Origin: Countries where the product is made. South-east asian manufacturers quality control may differ from the standards we have come to expect. Consider Japan or USA made products.

2.  Type: Insist on Ganoderma Lucidum Red Reishi as it is proven to possess medicinal values used by all clinical researches around the globe. Different species, shaped or other color reishi have not shown to be as potent.

3.  Part used: Fruit body specifically and shell broken spores. Mycelium and Full Spectrum are different specimen and do not use the fruit body.

4.  Extraction method: Hot Water Extract - the most traditional and effective method to derive high potency of the polysaccharides in reishi.

5.  % of beta glucans polysaccharide: the most common main ingredient measurement used to indicate the potency of the reishi product. The higher the better.

6.  Manufacturing: Many herbal products have substantial amount of excipients as fillers in the final capsule. Avoid diluted products. Choose one that has low or no excipients.

7.  Product safety testing: Reputable vendors will be able to provide you testing results for product authenticity, microbiological level, and heavy metals upon request.

8.  Ratio: of ganoderma lucidum used to produce the final product, usually denoted as a number:another number. First number means the amount of original raw element, the second number is the resulting extract. For instance, GanoPrime has a 15:1 ratio, which means 15 pound of raw reishi to make 1 pound of extract.

9.  Last, but not least, "you get what you pay for". Low cost reishi will result in limited or no health benefits.

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